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Hong-Van Nguyen English Composition 102 MWF 9:00 Health Care Access Health care access is a significant issue for many people. The number and percentage of people without insurance is rising, and many of those with insurance are seeing their coverage receding. As health care costs have skyrocketed over the past few years, the question of how to reform the American health care system has been of significant debate (Medicare and Medicaid). About one-half of United States health spending is wasted on unnecessary care, financial paper work, excess prices and fraud (Sager). The consequences to receiving and paying for health care are critical. In Pennsylvania, health spending per person will be more than $8,800 this year. Pennsylvanians would save $13 billion by spending at the national average (Sager). Health spending per person in the United States is double that of other wealthy nations, therefore healthcare should be the easiest problem to fix. But according to the U.S. Census, almost one-tenth of Pennsylvanians (1.3 million people) were uninsured in 2005 (Medicare and Medicaid). Governor Ed Rendell proposes that insurers must devote at least eighty five percent of small business premiums to care, thus cutting marketing, profit, and administration. He also suggests preventing medical mistakes and avoidable hospitalizations for chronic illnesses to reduce suffering and spending (Sager). Three-fifths of Pennsylvanians have some level of health care insurance coverage through their employer or pay for it themselves. About a quarter are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or some other government sponsored program (Covering the Uninsured). For thirty years, the government has guaranteed quality medical care for the
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country’s poor, disabled, and elderly. Proposed spending reductions in Medicare and
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healthcare - Hong-Van Nguyen English Composition 102 MWF...

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