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6 - “boiler plate” – appears at the end of a release...

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February 6, 2004 -Never use “feel” to say… I feel that… pitch letter -don’t be informal -give research but not TOO much -GRAMMER -follow format, correct structure -be concise -you HAVE NOT written the article yet, in progress -be direct, be clear on what your intent is -last sentence should be formal, and professional -avoid passive voice News Release Article - use quotes to add legitimacy - be concise, but explain - 3 rd party unbiased sources quoted - most important people first - conclude release with a quote from CEO - good news release is DRY - stay to your topic, don’t go off on tangents
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Unformatted text preview: -## “boiler plate” – appears at the end of a release. 2-4 sentences, basic explanation of the entity that is the subject of the release. PITCH LETTER- find out who the “gatekeeper” is at the entity, address letter to this person, include publication name and address, date (LETTER TEMPLATE). 4 paragraphs, see notes from last class. 3 rd- explain passion for the article, and explain any credentials as a writer. 4 th- I will be in touch. .bla bla bla. Sincerely (SPACE…add signature) type sig NO LONGER THAN 2/3 OF A PAGE...
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