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February 27, 2008 Announcing the launch of webspace -makes internet storage easier for ISPs EMC made an announcement of a new technology -superLAN same day that EEC announced its new technology EMC really capitalized on its brand recognition There was no coverage of EEC’s webspace All reporters covered EMCs launch of superLAN EEC’s webspace is superior 1 web space unit can handle the same storage as 20 units of SuperLan 1 unit of webspace storage hardware costs $1000 to license for a year 1 SuperLAN unit costs $250 units to license for a year 250 x 20 = $5000 EMC is riding on its brand recognition We want journalists to write about Web Space Do googlenews search and find out who covered EMC today -name, publication, etc Put together media list Send personal email to each one of these journalists -response pitch -want to mention SuperLAN Brent Skinner a writer for PC Week -wrote an article titled “come up with name that includes SuperLAN”
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