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“Welcome to Cyberwar Country, USA” -feature article introduction: lots of detail explains appearance WHAT TO DO FOR OUR FEATURE ARTICLE bridge- who what when where why and how -as many as the reader needs to know in order to want to/be able to keep reading -like the lead of a lot of other types of writing we do in class…ie- news release - include quote immediately after bridge -okay to conclude with a quote but paragraph before should be a full conclusion -can use sub-heads- mini endings and mini beginnings -shouldn’t need many PSA -pick an organization – real or made up -30 second commercial idea
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Unformatted text preview: -use word or excel narrative format and announcer format end: name of organization, website, and phone number (on the screen and spoken) TABLE: Time elapsed | script | visual/video | action/camera | other audio What u see what cam is doing ex: background music-keep in mind: age group, audience savvy, local or national audience, where will it run?, run on local network affliates or BU tv or nationally? Niche cable chanel- history, discovery, hgtv etc. . memo: where will it run? 3-5 sentence description of target audience, basic overview of cause 2-3 sent. ,...
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