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Alpha PHi SIgma - The Document being analyzed is a speech...

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The Document being analyzed is a speech given in the Reichstag during World War One. The topic which is being discussed in the speech is the use of unrestricted U- Boat warfare. The speaker is Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg, who realizes the only way peace would be made is if Germany suffers a total defeat, or emerges with total victory. He goes on to talk about how high the stakes are: if Germany wants peace it must be willing to accept disarmament of its military, and the loss of key territories in continental Europe, and the world. Hollweg acknowledges this and stresses this point in order to get the Reichstag to approve the policy. In order to convince them further he stresses the most humane thing to do would be to end the war, as soon as possible. Anything that allows that should be implemented. Due to pressure of the United States joining the war Germany ended its unrestricted naval warfare, however due to Germany being on the verge of losing the war anything that would help Germany had to be implemented. Realizing the heavy opposition he faced in the Reichstag Hollweg stressed that unrestricted U-Boat warfare would lead to a highly advantageous situation, using points such as at the present time they had more U-boats then before, and due to a bad harvest around the world they felt they could starve their enemies into submission. Not only were the Allies short wheat they also were beginning to lack coal, a weakness he hoped to exploit even further by adopting the policy. He then goes on to say how even the Allies of Germany feel it would be an advantageous policy to pursue. To ease the members who worry of intervention by the United States he quotes Hindenburg, a general in the German Army, who talks about how the German troops being high in morale at this point could withstand the United States coming into the war, as a consequence of the policy. Hollweg talks about how safe passenger traffic would be given to the United States just as it had been done in 1915; however, that could not be fully enforced due to the nature of un-restricted U-Boat warfare, a point he does not acknowledge. By stressing how grim defeat would be at the same time how advantageous implementing the policy would be, Hollweg hoped to overcome opposition in the Reichstag gain supporters and re implement the use of unrestricted U-boat Warfare.
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Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg's Address to the Reichstag on the German Policy of  Unrestricted U-boat Warfare, 31 January 1917 On December 12th last year I explained before the Reichstag the reasons which led to our peace 
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Alpha PHi SIgma - The Document being analyzed is a speech...

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