Philosophy - 1A Monistic or non-dualistic thought is...

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1A . Monistic or non-dualistic thought is characterized as unusual in many ways. The meaning of the term is that there is only one reality not two. In the Upanishads the seers wanted ultimate external reality, and ultimate reality of the self. The concept of non- dualistic thought can be seen her because what the seers soon came to realize was that it was the same thing. This is an unusual way of thinking because humans tend to think in terms of dualism for example the body, and the mind or the self, and reality. The Upanishads characterize all of these as fitting into one ultimate reality. You see this non dualistic thought in Brahma, and the Dao. Brahma is prior to all existing things is the one. “In seeking the ultimate reality the seers had no idea what they sought; they simply knew that there must exist that by which all other things existed and which made them great.” That to the early seers was Brahma or the one. Daoist philosophies also follow non-dualism thinking. To Daoists Dao is the source of reality, and non reality. It is also the source of being and non being. The one itself is undifferentiated, pure being without any characteristics. Dao and Brahma are in essence the same thing, the ultimate reality in which cannot be described. Daoists even believed that if you talk about Dao you do not talk about the Dao only a particular one. In this way monistic or non-dualistic thought is very unusual. 2A. The pathology of the human condition to Patanjali can be described in five forces. “Because these five forces condition how the embodied self acts and thinks they must be clearly understood, and counteracted”. The first one is ignorance. Ignorance is “the lack of awareness that ultimately the self is of the nature of purusha rather than prakriti”. The
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being then tries to simply just maintain its existence instead of realizing the “the ultimate nature is that of pure consciousness.” The second force is that which feels the urge to “create and maintain an ego”. This force works against the human, to put labels on everything to make it “mine and not
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Philosophy - 1A Monistic or non-dualistic thought is...

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