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PHYS 2306 Test 2 Review Sheet - not in general equal to...

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PHYS 2306 Test 3 – Formula Sheet Electric Field:  (+) Out; (-) In Resistors in series:  R T  = R 1 +R 2 +… Resistors in parallel:  1/R T  = 1/R 1 +1/R 2 +… F = qvB sinФ [ force on a charged particle in a magnetic field ] F = mv 2 /R  [ force on a charged particle in circular orbit ] R = mv/(|q|B) [ radius of a circular orbit in a magnetic field ]  = v/R = |q|B/m ω [ angular speed of a particle in circular orbit ] * Motion of a charged particle under the action of a magnetic field alone is always motion with  constant speed F = IlB sinФ [ total force on all moving charges in length l of a conductor ]  = IBA sinФ τ [ magnitude of torque on a current loop ]  = µ × B τ [ vector torque on a current loop ]  = NIAB sinФ τ [ total torque on a solenoid in a magnetic field ] U = -µ ∙ B = -µB cosФ [ potential energy for a magnetic dipole ] * The net force on a current loop in a uniform magnetic field is zero. However, the net torque is 
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Unformatted text preview: not in general equal to zero. B = I/(2 r) [ a long, straight, current-carrying conductor ] * The total magnetic flux through any closed surface is always zero ] F/L = II/(2 r) [ two long, parallel, current-carrying conductors ] B x = Ia 2 /[2(x 2 +a 2 ) 3/2 [ on the axis of a circular loop ] B x = /NI/(2a) [ at the center of N circular loops ] B dl = I encl [ Amperes Law ] = d B /dt [ Faradays law of induction* ] * The induced emf in a closed loop equals the negative of the time rate of change of magnetic flux through the loop. *The direction of any magnetic induction effect is such as to oppose the cause of the effect. = vBL [ motional emf; length and velocity perpendicular to B uniform ]...
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