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Cofee Bio - inhibits adenosine receptors resulting in...

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Eric Dang Thur. 10am Bi 211 Caffeine: The “Safe” Performance Enhancer? Caffeine is the most used psychostimulant in the world. Starbuck’s has made a worldwide corporate empire predicated on the vending and consumption of caffeinated beverages. Although caffeine is a drug, unlike alcohol or cigarettes, it carries no “sin tax,” despite its addictive qualities. Are the long-term risks of caffeine worthwhile, considering the benefits? Can caffeine even be considered a performance enhancer? Given the mammoth number of people who drink coffee or tea every morning, the long term risks as well as benefits should be better known. Caffeine causes physiological effects in the cells of the body, which is related to this course. Caffeine has a complex chemistry once inside the body, affecting numerous cells and body functions. Like alcohol or nicotine, caffeine affects the brain by crossing the blood brain barrier. Caffeine
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Unformatted text preview: inhibits adenosine receptors, resulting in increased activity of dopamine which in turn is responsible for the stimulatory affects of caffeine. Citations: BBC NEWS. One Cup of Coffee a Day ‘Risky’ [Online] Available: [2006 , October 20] Frei, Balz and Higdon, Jane, 2006. Coffee and Health: A Review of Recent Human Research. Critical reviews in food and science nutrition 46: 101-123 Septoe, Andrew. 2007. The Effects of Tea on Psychophysiological Stress Responsivity and Post-Stress Recovery: a Ronadomized Double Blind Trial Psychopharmacology 190: 81-89 Childs Emma. 2006. Subjective, Behavioral and Physiological Effects of Acute Caffeine In Light, Nondependent Caffeine Users. Psychopharmacology 195: 514-523...
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Cofee Bio - inhibits adenosine receptors resulting in...

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