CS 1102 Homework 7

How to Design Programs: An Introduction to Programming and Computing

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CS 1102 Homework 7: Script Position Due: October 9 ( Tuesday ) at 11:59pm Assignment Goals To make sure you can convert programs so that all calls to scripts are in script position. Exercises To test your solutions, keep the originals in your file, copy the define-script macro from the posted class code, and make sure you get the same answer from both the original and converted code. 1. The following code prompts a user to order a pizza. Rewrite this so that order-pizza, get- toppings, and print-order all work as scripts. 2. ;; order-pizza : -> void 3. ;; prompts user for order and prints summary 4. (define (order-pizza) 5. (let ([crust (prompt-read "What style crust do you want?")]) 6. (cond [(eq? crust 'thin) 7. (print-order crust (get-toppings (list 'pepper 'onion)))] 8. [(eq? crust 'pan) 9. (print-order crust (get-toppings (list 'sausage)))]))) 10. 11. ;; get-toppings : list-of-symbol -> list-of-symbol 12. ;; prompts user for whether to include standard toppings 13. (define (get-toppings tlist)
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CS 1102 Homework 7 - CS 1102 Homework 7: Script Position...

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