CS 1102 Homework 5

How to Design Programs: An Introduction to Programming and Computing

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CS 1102 Homework 5: Looking at Languages Due: September 27 (Thursday) at 11:59pm via turnin (assignment name hwk5 ). Assignment Goals To encourage you to think about languages more broadly. The Assignment 1. Paul Graham wrote the original software for setting up on-line stores that Yahoo! currently uses. He wrote it in Lisp, which is a close cousin to Scheme (very similar syntax, constructs, and features). Graham's article, Beating the Averages , discusses why he believes Lisp gave his million-dollar startup a competitive advantage. Read the article. o Identify three features of Lisp that Graham believes gave his company a competitive advantage. At least two should be technical (rather than social). State the features and how they provided an advantage. o Graham's article makes several observations about programming and programming languages. Identify and state the two that you find most significant. Explain (in a sentence or two) why you find your chosen observations significant. 2.
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CS 1102 Homework 5 - CS 1102 Homework 5 Looking at...

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