CS 1102 Homework 4

How to Design Programs: An Introduction to Programming and Computing

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CS 1102 (A07) Homework 4: Data Definitions for Languages Due: September 20 (Thursday) at 11:59pm via turnin (assignment name hwk4 ). Assignment Goal To make sure you can develop the data definitions for a domain-specific programming language. Problem Set-Up Imagine that you are designing a software system that will administer teacher-designed exams to students. The teacher would write up an exam in a language required by the software system. The system would then "run" the teacher's exam program; running an exam means that the system would ask the students the questions on the exam and display any diagnostic information that the teacher wanted the students to get based on their answers. The language for writing exams must allow a teacher to specify which questions to ask (and which answers to expect), when to skip questions based on past results (for example, a student who is doing well might be given harder questions as the test progresses), when to print summaries of a student's progress, and when to print other messages to the student. Since the
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CS 1102 Homework 4 - CS 1102 (A07) Homework 4: Data...

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