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Chem 109 Periodic Trends “You’ve been taken, but you don’t know it yet” – N.W.O. - Ministry Atomic Size List the elements from smallest to largest: Br, Cl, F, I F Cl Br I as “n” increases, size increases List these elements from smallest to larget: In, Rb, Sn, and Sr Sn In Sr Rb as Z eff decreases, size decreases Ionization Energies List these elements from lowest IE to highest: Ba, Ca, Mg, Sr Ba Sr Ca Mg as n decreases, IE increases Why is the IE 2 always higher than IE 1 ? Because IE 2 pulls an electron away that is closer to the nucleus
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Unformatted text preview: than the electron removed by IE 1 Which of the following elements has the largest second ioniziation energy? Sr, Rb, Te Rb use electron configurations to determine Ionic Radius Arrange these isoelectronic particles in order of increasing radius (smallest to largest): [Rb] + , [Sr] 2+ , Kr, [Br]-[Sr] 2-[Rb] + Kr [Br]-Electronegativity Which of the following bons is the least polar? NO NS NN NN...
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