The Narrow Road of Oku

The Narrow Road of Oku - Haiku by Basho and his school All...

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The Narrow Road of Oku: Do you think the descriptions are describing the reality of what the character was seeing, or were these meant more to cause an emotional tie for the reader? Do you think the style of interspersing poems into the text adds to the piece? Prose Poem on the Unreal Dwelling: The name of the poem, and location of the poem seem to be at odds with the naturalness of the setting. Do you feel that the author is trying to play upon that juxtaposition, or are they not really at odds with each other?
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Unformatted text preview: Haiku by Basho and his school: All of these Haiku seem to have an additional rule: When read one line at a time there needs to be a twist. Do you feel that this adds to the poems, or detracts from them? About all the pieces: There seems to be a large amount of simile and metaphor in these writings. this is in contrast to the earlier writings we read. Do you feel that it is valid to use this as an indication of a "progression" (maybe change is a better word) in the writing style(s) of Japan?...
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