The Bornfire and Separate Ways

The Bornfire and Separate Ways - The Bonfire (1896) by...

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The Bonfire (1896) by Kunikida Doppo - Kunikida is regarded one of the prominent writers of the Japan Naturalist School. - The Bonfire: pictorial depiction of nature, people, and sensations of beautified moment; the work is a lyrical vignette of an evening at the seashore; for example, “[…] one sees at times, as in a picture, a pair of young men astride baraeback horses, walking them quietly through the shallows of the river mouth as the last rays of the setting sun linger on the slope above” (31) – the narrator (the author, or the poet in this case) is consciously creating a pictorial imagery of the seashore. - “Internality” of mind is expressed through language; the scenery and landscape substitute human internality; the subject (viewer of the scene/the author) and the object (nature, the scenery) are somewhat infused and presented as almost indistinguishable, and thus the story contemplates on the location of human beings within nature – compare Kunikida’s style with the ways in which Bashō represents his experience of the world external to him. - *No quotation marks are used in the story; therefore, often the reader is deluded who is actually speaking; instead of creating “the subject,” the mode of speech is “intersubjective,” and certain moments or views are shared by multiple number of characters; typically, the first and third-person voices are intermingled each other. -
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The Bornfire and Separate Ways - The Bonfire (1896) by...

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