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Next week’s focus question is homework: Review a general (non-text or lecture) science book or podcast. Tell me the Title, Author/Presenter, and a short review about it, including topics covered, what you liked and didn’t like, and anything else you want to tell me. Write it on a piece of paper with your name and lab section and turn it in when you come to recitation next week (week 11 of the semester.) Book Example: A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson – History from the dawn of time told from the chemical perspective with a British sense of humor, or maybe that should be spelled humour. Topics include the who’s of the history of science rather than just the what’s. I listened to the book on tape and I enjoyed the narrator’s performance. I learned things I did not know and it was interesting to rediscover my field
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Unformatted text preview: of interest – chemistry – from a more historical type of presentation. Podcast Example: The Naked Scientists with Chris Smith Episode Question and Answer Show Dated 1/14/08 – A medical doctor gives current science information, which airs as a radio show in Britain. The week’s topics include: scientists growing a new heart, life extension through lifestyle change, questions about pee, lightning and lakes, and equator weight are answered. “Kitchen science” was an experiment showing how to make an Oboe out of a kitchen straw. The Naked Scientists are usually entertaining. I like guessing at the quiz puzzles they have for callers and guessing at how the kitchen science is going to work. Sometimes, I do the experiments (more like demos) with my family at home....
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