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CS1102 Course Info

How to Design Programs: An Introduction to Programming and Computing

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http://web.cs.wpi.edu/~cs1102/a07/Lectures/   CS1102(A07): Accelerated Introduction to Program Design Lectures Course Home Lecture Schedule and Notes myWPI Discussion Board Assignments and Due Dates Labs Staff and Office Hours Textbook Software Policies and Expectations Succeeding in The Course Related Readings Note: The "Extra Exercises" column provides additional practice exercises that you can try. These will not be graded, and are separate from the homework assignments. You are always welcome to bring questions on these practice problems to office hours. We strongly recommend that you try some of these exercises as you will need to be comfortable programming in Scheme by the third week of the course! Exam Dates Midterm Exam: Monday, Sept 17, in class Final Exam: Thursday, Oct 11, in class Functional Programming Date Lecture Topic Readings Extra Exercises Due Notes 8/23 Introduction to Scheme HTDP Chapter 2 HTDP Chapter 3 HTDP Section 2.2 Exercises HTDP Section 2.3 Exercises HTDP Section 3.3 Exercises
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CS1102 Course Info -...

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