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In Praise of Shadows

In Praise of Shadows - see and what is left to the...

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Throughout the essay, Tanizaki often juxtaposes Western and "Oriental" tastes and sensibilities. This comparison along with his observations and opinions comprises a majority of the writing. However, to what end does he make this comparison? What do you feel is his motivation? Is Tanizaki striving to simply differentiate the cultural identity of the Far East from western cultures or do you feel that within his writing is a current of elitist nationalism? Tanizaki emphasizes the importance of subtlety, of appreciating what the eye does not
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Unformatted text preview: see and what is left to the imagination. Creating an environment where one must look inward to search for the pleasures in the world around us leads to a hightened sense of enjoyment in food, art, sex and even architecture. Do you feel that in today's society, this idea of the aesthetic of shadow has any bearing? How has this lack of such an aesthetic affected us? If we were to practice it, how would it change us? Feel free to email me your thoughts on my questions before class if you have time. Thanks for looking at this Dan...
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