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Rafael Arenos Political Science 231 Position paper 3 Dante, the Separator, and Unifier. To fully understand Dantes conception of world government one must start in small context and move outward to larger ones. You must picture a family, and understand that one man, the father runs that household. If you understand this simplistic explanation of the family provider, his position as head, and how that household relies on this balance; the progression to community, then kingdom, then country, then empire, then world, it makes sense to have one unified government in the light of God. Dante is a religious man and believes the true image of God to be mirrored by the people as a whole in unity and peace. By interpreting the family as a peaceful household with a leading head, the larger establishment under the same principle of one leader becomes apparent. This ties into the Christian factors Dante incorporates. “When unity is greatest, God is also greatest”. Dante believes that in the eyes of God unity and togetherness is the key to a peaceful existence. Dante’s interpretations are far from other papalists, in that he indeed separates Emperor from Pope with the understanding of Gods ultimate and temporal rule of all. Temporal Monarchy is how Dante explains government with more then one possible leader. He interprets that things are arranged to attain an end, and the one with knowledge of this governs. His interpretation of government is very universal. It is obvious that he comes back to god as the ultimate leader, and the ones who mirror god, are the real citizens. The one who governs is the one who has knowledge of the end,
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God. On Earth however the one who has this power to govern, is governing in Dante’s eyes a unified system were there is peace, and natural law is present for all. For one to have knowledge of the end, his people must be in the image of God, and only then is
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Dante - Rafael Arenos Political Science 231 Position paper...

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