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HMA II: Sect. 3 Politically the 1980s witnessed a profound shift to the political right with the presidency of Ronal Reagan (81-89) The 70s had been marked by a prolonged period stagflation – inflation and unemployment. Reagan considerably improved the economy by Cutting The Reagan era celebrated big business and the greed is good mentality – also promoted excessive displays of patriotism and militarism Much of this is tied into the ongoing war on communism which would symbolically end with the dismantling of the berlin wall in 89 Concerns over public health – smoking, diet, alcohol/drugs
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Unformatted text preview: The 80s also witness a tech shift from industrial age to information age The rise in mass media tech and the emergence of the digital revolution here are critical to this shift As this becomes increasingly central to economy, traditional industrial practices are outsourced to overseas regions In the mid to late 70s home entertainment was radically transformed with the videotape 75 Sony Betamax 76 JVC unveils VHS 1988 Sony stopped betamax altogether Home video would open up a new dimension to the media industry In...
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