HMA3 - History of Media Arts Section 3 Experimental Films I...

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History of Media Arts: Section 3 Experimental Films I. Context - Modernism Moving away from strict, representational to abstract, 2-Dimensional art II. Abstract Animation - Hans Richter III. Dada - Tristan Tzara - “Like everything in life, Dada is useless” – 1922 - Kurt Schwitters - Marcel Duchamp “Fountain” - Ballet Mechanique (1924) o Fernand Leger IV. Surrealism - Andre Breton - Rene Magritte - Salvador Dali - Un Chien Andalou (1928) o Salvadore Dali and Luis Bunuel V. Experimental Narrative - Fall of the House of Usher (1928) Watson and Webber - Meshes of the Afternoon o Maya Dreen (1943) - David Lynch Independent African American Cinema I. Black Images/White Industry II. Movie-Going III. Ind. African American Film A. Early Efforts --- William Foster B. Birth of a Race (1918) C. Lincoln Motion Picture Co. --- George and Noble Johnson D. Race Films Oscar Micheaux I. Background. II. Early Films a. Within Our Gates (1920) b. The Homesteader III. Others a. George Randol b. White-Backed Companies i. Ralph Cooper/Harry and Leo Popkin ii. Sack, Toddy, Astor iii. Spencer Williams 1. The Blood of Jesus (1941)
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Exploitation 1. Alternative to Hollywood Film 2. Taboo Subjects --- “Adults Only” 3. Production a. Forbidden Spectacle 4. Distribution a. States’ Rights, Roadshows 5. Exhibition ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Radio in World War II 1. Pre-War Radio a. Edward R. Murrow 2. Pearl Harbor b. December 7 th , 1941 3. Declaration of War c. FDR (Dec. 8 th ) 4. Office of War Information (OWI) - Elmer Davis - Office of Censorship 5. Networks a. NBC Blue sold to Edwin Noble creating ABC b. Affiliation rises to 95% 6. Advertising 7. Programming a. News b. New Programs – This Is War! c. Inserting War Material
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HMA3 - History of Media Arts Section 3 Experimental Films I...

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