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Rafael Arenos English 101 Essay 1 Belief Essay The thumping drums resinated throughout the savannah. Just as the bright stars overlooked the tribe, so did the pounding notes they created. A miraculous trance entrains the watchers, for the music they observe being preformed is as important as prayer. Wild costumes, wild movement, and wild participation add to the dark nights silence. Slowly the Kikuyu tribe meticulously go through their Ancestors traditional Mande prayer dances. A tradition that has lasted for thousands of years, and likely to last a thousand more, music is a human created vibration carrying with it massive amounts of significance. Music is not just entertaining sound, for the Kikuyu, the dance ceremonies symbolize life and love in a religious manner. Either way, in any continent, in any language, I believe in music as the universal voice because of its unexplainable emotional taunt. Just like love, music is an affinity we feel, but cannot control. Looking back into the past, music has been used to display human nature in a sense of love, pain, war, god, happiness, and many other unexplainable feelings. Tribes, religions, communities, even whole countries have expressed some of there most important messages through anthem and song. On a personal level, my own creation of music represents what is most important to me. When I’m happy that is transended to my guitar, when I am sad the same. The sound that comes out reprents happy or sad sound. Music, if composed corectly is one of the most effective ways to depict a
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important message through feeling. Something as simple as a small recitel every morning for some students may seem unsignificant, but when heavily thought about, the
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eng - Rafael Arenos English 101 Essay 1 Belief Essay The...

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