MLA - Chapter 12 MLA Citation Class Outline: HW Perspective...

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Chapter 12 – MLA Citation Class Outline: HW – Perspective Chapter 12 (368 -378)/ Answer Questions 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 11 on 379 Rough Draft Due Wednesday, 3-4 copies Integrating Source Material So you found a credible source, now how do you insert it properly into a paper? First, be certain that you’re using the source to support your own ideas , rather than relying on the source to give you all the ideas. There are different ways of inserting material: Summary, Paraphrase, and Quotation Summary: expressing a source’s ideas in your own words , in order to condense a large amount of information. Paraphrase : restates a specific passage, using words and sentence structure different from the author. Quotation : directly repeating a passage from a source When picking a quote, be very selective! Choose quotes that are unique and add some flavor to your ideas or work as evidence for your analysis. Quoting from a primary source is particular helpful. However, be very careful when quoting secondary sources, as you do not want to use too many and therefore clutter your paper and detract from your own ideas. Make certain you introduce the borrowed material within the text (this is like a transition into the source information). Ex. As Peter Herman states, “….” (123). Common Knowledge: Please note that not citing a source is plagiarism. Be VERY careful not to commit plagiarism as it can have dire consequences. If you think that you might want to cite some information, err on the safe side of caution. However, not all information needs to be cited. If something is considered common knowledge, that is to say, if most people would know this information or recognize it as true, then you do not have to cite a source. Block Quote: Quotes that exceed four lines of text should be “blocked.” In order to do so, you eliminate the quotation marks, use a colon to introduce the quote, and then indent each line 1” (or ten spaces) from the left margin. Always provide a brief introduction to a long quote, then finish the quote with a concluding thought about what the quote means/suggests.
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Example of Block Quote: Before launching into his collected stories of English travels in Africa, Hakluyt justifies his work. In his dedication to Sir Francis Walsingham, Hakluyt, “defines himself as an authority
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MLA - Chapter 12 MLA Citation Class Outline: HW Perspective...

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