NOVA- PHIL 3180- Biomed Ethics- Euthanasia Notes

NOVA- PHIL 3180- Biomed Ethics- Euthanasia Notes - Acts VS...

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Euthanasia- death for the victims own sake. Good death Voluntary euthanasia- make choice to die Involuntary euthanasia-has a choice, decides not to die but is killed No voluntary euthanasia- terri shaivo case, victim cant express (vegetative state) Passive vs active euthanasia Accounting to die vs killing How you help a patient die- duty of physician Death is inevitable
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Unformatted text preview: Acts VS. Omissions Killing Allowing to Die Morrally Acceptable Not Morally Acceptable Killing in Self Defense x x Mafia Hit Man x Voluntary Passive Euthanasia x x Jealous Life Guard x x Smith x x Jones x x Hospice- makes it comfortable for you to die Nature is a subject Worth= potential Criteria Social work calculation...
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