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Plan for Survival - would be able to treat injuries with a...

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Plan for Survival My plan for survival would be to stay put and wait for rescue. Immediately after making sure everyone was not injured severely I would have everyone put on the any extra clothing in order to stay warm. I would then have everyone find pine branches with plenty of pine needles on them to affix to the plane’s frame using the ropes to make a shelter. I would then have the one most experienced with firearms go out and hunt for food using the .45 caliber pistol and the compass. Meanwhile at camp, the newspaper would be used as kindling to start a fire using the lighter to produce a spark. I could use the knife to slice up food for cooking and evenly dividing food between everyone. I
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Unformatted text preview: would be able to treat injuries with a few of the items I have such as using the knife to pick things out of a wound, whiskey to disinfect a wound; the shortening could be used to help close the wound, the compress kit to cover the wound, and the ski poles could be used as a splint. The flashlight could be used when someone had to go to the bathroom at night that way one knew where he or she was going. Finally, the chocolate bar could be used in case someone was diabetic or it could be given to the kids to keep them happy in such a stressful situation. We would able to survive until the rescue party found us or somebody from the nearby town stumbled upon us. April 4, 2005...
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