Japan - 1 Japan A Wondrous Nation The world is comprised of...

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1 Japan: A Wondrous Nation The world is comprised of many beautiful and wondrous countries. Each country has its own unique characteristics that make it one of a kind and draw people to travel to it. One interesting country that has several characteristics is Japan. Japan is a one of the most desired places for one to visit because it has a wonderful countryside, spectacular cities, and an interesting culture. Many countries have beautiful landscapes and countryside, however, Japan’s beauty tops all because of its combination of man-made structures and indigenous species of plants and animals. Temples, shrines, castles, palaces, and villages are spread all across Japan. These structures represent a vast amount of Japanese history. Beth Reiber says in Frommer’s Japan , “From mountaintop shrines to neighborhood temples, Japan’s religious structures rank among the nation’s most popular attraction” (5). One can freely go to and enter any of Japan’s temples and shrines regardless of their religion. Japan’s castles differ from what one might envision if one has only seen the castles of Europe. Almost all the castles offer tours with some free of charge. Moon viewing is a highly popular event at many of the castles across Japan. The palaces in Japan feature luxurious furnishings and beautiful murals on the walls. The palaces also contain gardens that are considered some of best in the world. Small towns and villages still exist in Japan despite the great advances in technology. These villages can be compared to the Amish of America with life as it was in the 17 th and 18 th centuries. Mostly inhabited by either the elderly or Buddhist monks, these villages welcome all visitors and can be one of the most delightful experiences one will have in visiting Japan. There are many kinds of animals in Japan ranging from mammals to birds and from fish to reptiles. Animals that represent
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2 the mammals in Japan include brown bears in the north, Japanese deer, Japanese monkeys, raccoon dogs, sea lions, and foxes. Birds in Japan include cranes, crows, woodpeckers, swallows, and nightingales. Fish in Japan are represented by the carp, sharks, and salmon. Reptiles in Japan include many types of salamanders and lizards. Japan is also home to the world’s largest crustacean, the giant spider crab. Plants in Japan are some of the most beautiful and vast in the world with mountains, hills, and forest covering more than two thirds of the island (Japan-Guide). Cherry blossoms, Japanese plums, Japanese maples, pines, bamboo, bonsai, and firs are just a few of Japan’s 4,500 native species. The Japanese treat plants with the utmost respect and present any kind of plant in the best way possible. Gardens in Japan are produced by
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Japan - 1 Japan A Wondrous Nation The world is comprised of...

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