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Michael Chenette Intro. To Film October 19, 2007 V for Vendetta 1.) List the “elements of drama ”: a. Exposition – our first encounter with Evey and V b. Inciting incident – blowing up the statue, shows what V is capable of doing c. Complications – dealing with and avoiding police and army personnel d. Climax – V sends his video across England e. Major climax – V’s blowing up of Parliament f. Resolution – people are united no matter their nationality, religion, lifestyle, or personal choices 2.) Verisimilitude a. Place : the believability of this story is interesting. It is almost a fantasy/photo realism mix. It could depict what will happen to the way government rules over us in the future. But at the same time, you know that it is a fantasy. b. Time : there was not a real distinction on what time period this story occurred, even though they mention that it takes place between November 5 th one year and November 5 th the next year. The setting and weapons that were used gave us the idea that it is somewhere in the near future. 3.) The “Major Dramatic Question” in this movie, I thought, is “Why is he doing
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