Ellens Hair Waves radio 2

Ellens Hair Waves radio 2 - shampoo conditioner red colored...

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CLIENT: Ellen’s Hair Waves BY: Michael Chenette LENGTH: 60 seconds (SFX: DOOR OPENING WITH HANGING BELL RINGING, CHAINSAW REVING UNDER) MAN1: (Creepy) Welcome to Sean’s Scalp removal. How may I ass ist you? WOMAN1: (Nervously) Uh, I’d like a haircut please? MAN1: Sorry. We don’t service haircuts---but we could give you the next best thing… (SFX: CHAINSAW REVING AND FADE OUT) (SFX: DOOR OPENS AND THEN CLOSES) MAN2: I’d like to get a shoe shine please. WOMAN2: (Perky) Oh, we specialize in shoes shines here don’t cha know. Here at Jan’s Shiny Shoes, we’ll make sure you have ‘em nice and shiny. Alrighty ---take a seat. (SFX: HAWKING SPIT INTO MOUTH, SPITTING ON SHOES) MAN2: (Disgusted) UG! What are you doing to my shoes? WOMAN2: Well, everybody knows that a good spit shine will get that nice expensive leather shoes looking real good. (Straining) Now, hold still. MAN2: Get off of me. (SFX: RUSLTING AND FADE OUT) WOMAN3: I’d like a pedicure, manicure, and a hair appointment with apple smelling
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Unformatted text preview: shampoo, conditioner, red colored nail polish, some facial cream applied at just the right temperature and some nail conditioner, and I would also like to have some spray applied to the hair to make it sparkle. MAN3: (Confused) No speak English? (MUSIC : ESTABLISH LIGHT UPBEAT MUSIC AND FADE UNDER ) ANNCR: No matter what your preference is, Ellen’s Hair Waves can give you exactly what you need. We’ve got everything you need from haircuts, perms, shoe shines, foiling, and much more. Don’t forget to ask about our wide selection of grooming products from such brand names as Redken, Nexxus, Matrix, and Paul Mitchell. Ladies, going to the prom? Ellen’s Hair Waves can give you that extra special look that will make your date fall head over heals on the dance floor. So come on into Ellen’s Hair Waves. Ellen’s Hair Waves---located on 7-1-7 South Salisbury Boulevard in Salisbury Maryland. (MUSIC : FADE OUT )...
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Ellens Hair Waves radio 2 - shampoo conditioner red colored...

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