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Hemingway Hughes Comparison

Hemingway Hughes Comparison - Thesis Statement In “Hunger...

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Michael Chenette Professor Abdullah Otherness Essay October 7, 2007 ENG 101 - CRN 20322 Hemingway Hughes Comparison 1. Two men take a trip to Paris a. Hemingway’s and Hughes’ similarities with their separate trips to Paris 2. Budget money a. Hemingway’s way of… b. Hughes’ way of… 3. Finding ways to budget money a. Hemingway’s way of… b. Hughes’ way of… 4. Inspiration in Paris for their writing a. Hemingway’s… b. Hughes’… 5. Conclusion
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Unformatted text preview: Thesis Statement In “Hunger Was Good Discipline,” by Ernest Hemingway and “Montmartre,” by Langston Hughes, the life of a struggling writer is discussed from the point of view of two men who travel to Paris during the mid-1920’s. In both essays, both Hemingway and Hughes meet women who are there to help them, both express the need to budget their money, and both find an inspiration in Paris for their writing....
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