Response 2 - However, this play on words makes the poem...

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Michael Chenette Professor February 14, 2008 ENG 102 – 014 English Response 2 The poem that I chose to respond to is May Swenson’s “A Nosty Fright”. I chose this poem because it has a very interesting play on words and has many different poetic and literary devices. Swenson does a very good job of transposing letters to create amusing sound effects and words. It was very hard to read this because the reader would constantly read the word that was used, “fix” it, then read the new sentence. A perfect example would be the use of the very first line: “The roldengod and the soneyhuckle”. The reader would fix “roldengod” and make it “goldenrod” and change “soneyhuckle” and make it “honeysuckle” and read the new sentence. This process occurs at every line of the poem. There are times where it becomes difficult to interpret the author new words because sometimes you get confused and think that the work you read was a “real” word.
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Unformatted text preview: However, this play on words makes the poem very entertaining. It takes away the uneasy feeling you begin to have when first reading the poem, until you read the EEP KOFF sign. Some of the devices used in this poem include: diction, tone, and personification. The diction in this poem really changes the tone of the poem. The tone of the poem is meant to be an uneasy, scary tone. But the diction used, or word choice, changes the tone of the poem dramatically. Also used very briefly, is personification when the hassgropper and the mipchunk speak to each other. The hassgropper finds the mipchunk all debraggled and wet, covered with snears and tot. (Lines 11 12) Swenson, May. A Nosty Fright. Bedford Introduction to Literature, The . Bedford/St. Martins, 2008....
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Response 2 - However, this play on words makes the poem...

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