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Presentation Review - speech that stood out amongst the...

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Michael Chenette Professor Welch April 2, 2008 Fundamentals of Communication Presentation Review Part 1 I believe that I did a good job on my presentation. I believe that I did a good job keeping the interest of the audience, even though people typically do not want to listen to a presentation. With the use of many visual aids, the audience seemed to give their attention, and the use of a poor opening of me “filming” the audience, they seemed interested. I believe that the audience was respectful and polite in giving me their attention and in believing I gave a good presentation. The main problems that I had in my speech was mentioned in class, a poor closing statement, which there virtually was none, and when I forgot the names of the people and said so during class. Also, I lost a video that I had originally planned to use but could not find it. If I had planned, I would have given a better presentation. Part 2 There were a lot of good speeches that were given. On my day, Monday, the one
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Unformatted text preview: speech that stood out amongst the rest was Stacey’s speech. I liked her speech a lot because I grew up watching Disney films. Growing up with Disney affected my attraction to her speech. On Wednesday, the speech that I liked the most was the speech on how to fix a guitar string. It was very simple and easy and was very informative. On Friday, there was a tie between Matt’s speech on Music Pirating, because I myself have “stolen” music off the internet, Taylor’s speech on how to survive a bear attack, which was just straight hilarious, and Kenny’s speech on being a youth minister, which kept me captivated on a subject that at first did not interest me, but changed my perspective on being a minister. And on Monday, the speeches that I really liked were Mohammed’s Gas Saving Tips, which was an easy speech that was delivered with a little comedy behind it, and Laurens speech on the history on movies, which was a continuation of my speech....
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Presentation Review - speech that stood out amongst the...

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