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Library Summary - Unit two is about learning about call...

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Michael Chenette Professor Abdullah October 18, 2007 ENG 101 – 20322 Library Tutorial For this paper, we were asked to view the first two units about Montgomery College’s library on their website. The first two units discussed the MC Rockville library and call numbers, finding books, CD’s, etc. in the library. In order to be allowed to check out books from the library, we need our MC Student ID. This will be our pass for checking out items at the library. Once it is activated, we use is to check out books. We are allowed to check out books from the library but we are not allowed to check out reference books. We cannot check out magazines, newspapers or journals. The computers there are available for everyone. We are allowed to watch video’s in the library as long as they are the libraries videos. There are many opportunities that are available in the library. For instance, group work is allowed as long as it is quiet. All of these points are included in the first Unit of the tutorials on the website.
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Unformatted text preview: Unit two is about learning about call numbers and locations, and submission information. Montgomery College uses the Dewey Decimal system to classify its books in its libraries. Every item that the library owns and that we can borrow has a call number. The call numbers are all organized by categories. For example, World History is listed as D, education is under L, and music is under M. Call numbers are used to keep items on similar topics together. These call numbers are also used to enable the library staff to keep items in order to that we can find things quickly. The call numbers have sub categories as well. For example, science is listed as Q. Since chemistry is a science, it is listed as D, so the call number is QD. The number that follows that specifies what category goes under the previous one. Biology is QH. Genetics is 437. So far, the whole call number we have is QH 437. After this comes the author and then the year of publications. Thus, we have a call number....
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Library Summary - Unit two is about learning about call...

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