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Outline - Stranger in the Village,” was “otherness”...

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Michael Chenette Professor Abdullah September 19, 2007 ENG 101 / CRN 20322 Outline 1. Otherness a. Working at Funland b. Cultural diversity 2. Funland – it’s work with foreign students a. Involvement with foreign students b. Different cultures include? c. Working in different languages / different work ethics 3. Otherness – eventually becomes togetherness a. Friendships b. Memories Thesis Statement One of the themes that jumped out at me while reading James Baldwin’s “A
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Unformatted text preview: Stranger in the Village,” was “otherness”. This feeling really hit me hard when I started my first job, a game/ride operator at a boardwalk amusement park in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The reason why I felt alone was that this job hired many foreign students to work for them and I was working with people of different cultures....
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