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Michael Chenette November 5, 2007 Introduction to Film Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1. This film is a hybrid genre of horror, thriller, and, unusually, comedy. It has its many horrific scenes and thrilling chases, which is seen throughout the movie. The ghoulish characters, its gruesome killings, and its horrifying dinner scene all encompass the horror aspect. Every chase scene between “leather-face” and the girl gives thrillers its “turn” in the movie. But there is a slight comedic aspect in this movie. Now, years ago, this movie was just made to be a horror film. However, today we kind of laugh at the way the characters act in the movie; the “typical” horror movie acting. They are all alone and calling out for their friends when they get caught by “leather-face”. Also, seeing the evil characters act the way they do in the movie is comical too. Even though we know that it is just horrific and emotionally disturbing, we still have to laugh at it a little bit. 2.
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