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Michael Chenette Intro. To Film October 19, 2007 In the Valley of Elah 1.) The genre of this movie was Drama. a. The primary element of drama, I found, was thought, or the dual purpose of art. Throughout the movie, there were many thoughts that were going through my head as the movie progressed. Some of my thoughts included, “That’s fucked up,” when they were showing images of Mike in Iraq, “I never knew that,” when I learned that if an American flag is flown upside down, it signifies “we need help, save our ass,” and “Oh, shit!” Although these are all juvenile thoughts that were aroused while watching this movie, they were the only thoughts that could be processed that fastest because I got compelled in the story. b. I believe that the major dramatic question was “What happened to Mike to cause him to be in this situation?” There are many scenes in the movie where this question came to mind. For example, every time we see a distorted clip from Mike’s camera, we get closer and closer to revealing
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