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freire paper - Britton Bixby English 1002 Paulo Freire sent...

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Britton Bixby English 1002 9/16/07 Paulo Freire sent shockwaves throughout the academic community in 1970 when he published the Pedagogy of the Oppressed , a lengthy indictment of the education system. In one notable chapter”, Freire challenges not only the procedure of education, but the entire concept and unfortunate consequences of what he calls “The Banking Concept of Education”. This method involves the teacher (often referred to as the ‘oppressor’) divulging information, often narrow-mindedly, as the students submit to note-taking and memorization. Freire argues quite convincingly that this method causes and also reciprocates a system that is actually completely antithetical to education itself. Freire proposes another method known as the problem-posing method. While the problem-posing method certainly improves on the banking method, Freire is much too vague in his description of problem-posing, making it impossible to view problem-posing as a viable and practical solution. The key to education is taking the methodology of the banking method while enforcing the curriculum with a problem-posing backbone. Freire uses the metaphor of a bank to convey his message. The teacher is the depositor, storing his nuggets of absolute truth in the minds of his students, the depositories. The teacher is thought to be superior to the students, as he is performing a special service to the students by allowing them to learn. The students are obedient and hold their teacher in high regard. Not only do banking teachers speak of reality as if it were stagnant and unchanging, they often skew the facts with political beliefs and opinions. Freire points out that this method never encourages students to think critically
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or interact with the world around them. Students graduate from an education of banking and into a world that will force them to critique and evaluate the world around them. Freire points out that even upon completion of a banking education “it is the people
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freire paper - Britton Bixby English 1002 Paulo Freire sent...

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