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Britton Bixby Position Paper 10/15/07 In her essay, “Arts of the Contact Zone”, Mary Louise Pratt struggles with the question of personal identity, more specifically, how that identity is influenced by the individual’s community groups. Pratt argues that while we traditionally view communities as closely-knit groups, these communities are largely imagined. At the same time, however, these community groups are an enormous factor in shaping personal identity. There is no better example of this theory in practice than in the Mormon culture. Mormons are a small religious group, predominantly based in Utah. Since the church was founded it was faced with animosity from mainstream culture, which viewed the church as backward and reactionary. Mormons are reviled by mainstream Christians for their alternative take on the life of Jesus Christ and demonized by seculars for their extremely conservative social views. Those who disagree with Mormon dogma often cite the dubious claims of the churches founder, Joseph Smith, as evidence that the religion is either the invention of a mad man or a sly money-making scheme; within the last 50 years, The Church of Latter Day Saints has amassed between $25 and $30 billion (Schroth 17). History, by largely refusing to accept Smith’s accounts of prophecy, has forced Mormons look within their community to reinforce the validity of their most sacred texts. Douglas Davies, a scholar of religious history, points out that Mormons’ history can be used to strengthen belief or lead on to question based on how and where the history is taught: “…history has, in a sense, sometimes served as the medium for Mormon self-reflection, understanding and
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even ‘theology’, it has not been the easiest or safest place for intellectual Mormons educated within ‘secular’ schools.” Mormons will largely seek education from Mormon
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mormon paper - Britton Bixby Position Paper In her...

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