exam review sheet - • The modern synthesis of evolution...

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Anthropology 101 Exam Review Sheet 7 aspects of culture concept of subculture ways by which culture spreads (e.g., acculturation, enculturation, globalization…) 3 dimensions of culture (universal, general, particular) cultural relativism vs. ethnocentrism emic and etic ethnography and participant observation 4 subfields and their methodologies holism ethnographies - be familiar with plots, basic ideas, and how they relate to the overall themes of the class trends in hominin evolution general characteristics of important species (physical traits, diet, time period, geogrpahical location) order of hominin evolutionary sequence (e.g. H. erectus - neandertal - H. sapiens) identify physical features of important species (i.e., those mentioned in lecture) Early hominins´ skull features “Missing Link” Theories about origins of H. sapiens sapiens Theories of bipedalism Mendelian genetics (no peas, but general understanding of his theory)
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Unformatted text preview: • The modern synthesis of evolution • Natural selection • Theories and Mechanisms of evolution • Principle of uniformitarianism • Human biological adaptation (blood types, skin color, size & body type) • Malaria and human biological adaptation • Heterozygous and homozygous genes • Features of human language • Domains of language • Structure of language • Language stigmatization • Sapir-Whorf hypothesis • Universal Grammar • Focal Vocabulary • Ethnicity and race • Benedict Anderson´s ideas on national communities • Festival format of cultural diversity • The social construction of race • hypodescent • Primate classification • Primate tendencies and commonalities • Modes of primate adaptation in movie “Life in the trees” • Similarities between human and nonhuman primates...
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exam review sheet - • The modern synthesis of evolution...

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