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1 Interrogation by Discrimination The manager of Dick’s Sporting Goods, Henry Michaels, decided to interrogate me one day. Michaels had the postulation of thievery at his store. He posed a series of questions, when answered, were immediately seen as only prevaricated responses. I was being stereotyped that day for what Henry thought was the genuine definition of a so-called “punk.” This quickly made things unpleasant between us. Punk can be defined as “a young ruffian; hoodlum.” ( ) My argument towards this situation is when one dresses like a punk; it doesn’t necessarily mean one will fit that certain description. We all have the freedom of self expression in this country. We all should be treated with the same respect when entering any public place. The stores of America today shouldn’t have the entitlement to prejudge people by being informed by propaganda because we all have the freedom of expression. I had an experience of being classified by a manager as a so called “punk,” supposedly just incase I embezzle any sporting good products. The incident occurred when I was merely 16 years old. Age most likely was a very big element in the manager’s accusations. Being a younger kid could make it more likely to steal something, because a kid has no worries. The occurrence
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interrogationbydiscrimination - 1 Interrogation by...

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