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01st Journal entry - especially how he just “blew the...

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After reading the first part of Professor Theophilis conversation with his student I felt confusion in his response. I asked question of why is he so against this, but he explained he is just this way with heterosexuals. On the other side of the conversation, Mr. Lawrence made a good point on how people aren’t nearly as hard on divorce as they are on being gay. The professor’s description of setting up a smokescreen in an argument was interesting,
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Unformatted text preview: especially how he just “blew the smoke away”. How he explained all the details of why men and women are so compatible fill most gay men’s empty voids. The Professor never touched upon diseases, but only in the form of self mutilation. He explained how our bodies were not set up for this. It all made so much sense, but not being gay has made me still not sure about the issue at hand....
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