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Alex Shields Response Paper 4 Eng 266, Section 8 True West As a fan of old Clint Eastwood style westerns, I was interested in this reading since the beginning. I was prepared to read about showdowns and hard drinking. Ironically, although not what I expected, I did read about those things. The play had a lot of the elements you would find in an old spaghetti western. The stranger wanders into town alone and stirs up the normal lives of the locals. He is viewed as a tough guy and people think he can save them. Austin viewed Lee as someone that could liberate him from his mundane life. This idea of freedom lying in the desert and the role reversal of the two brothers made this a very compelling story. Austin and Lee, although brothers, had very little in common at the beginning of the story. Lee’s roughneck lifestyle did not mix with the blue collar writing job that Austin held.
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Unformatted text preview: Their differences can be seen in their view of their father. Austin’s bitter insulting manner often infuriated Lee who thought of himself as being the image of his father. These initial conflicts set the stage for an epic role reversal. Austin’s drunken thievery of every toaster in the neighborhood coupled with Lee’s insistence of writing a truly epic action movie has them shift to each other’s personalities. Both are trying something new and seem to like it. It is only when both brothers start to work together writing their script that either of them seems truly happy. It is only when Lee wants to leave Austin behind and retreat back to the desert does the true western showdown occur. It is at the end of the play where we see Austin’s true form. He craves the freedom Lee has. His sibling jealousy overcomes him as they circle each other....
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