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IC4key - Use the spectra to identify the functional groups...

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Name : 1. Decide whether each set of structural formulas shown below represents resonance contributors or tautomers. O O H O O N O O N O O N O O N O O H a) b) d) c) tautomers resonance structures resonance structures tautomers 2. Predict the products and draw the mechanism for the enolizations below. C HEM 112B S CHOLARS – I N -C LASS P ROBLEMS 4 1-31-08 3. The infrared spectra of compounds W - Z are attached. Each compound has two major functional groups.
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Unformatted text preview: Use the spectra to identify the functional groups present. Compound W alcohol: O-H 3335 cm-1 (C-O 1048 cm-1 ) alkene: C=C 1650 cm-1 , C=C-H 3080 cm-1 Compound X alkyne (terminal): C " C 2200 cm-1 ketone (conjugated): C=O 1675 cm-1 Compound Y alcohol: O-H 3460 cm-1 ketone: C=O 1710 cm-1 Compound Z ester (carbonyl): C=O 1740 cm-1 ; C-O 1240, 1040 cm-1 alkene: C=C-H 3100 cm-1...
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