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pride&prej - Sammy Moskowitz Dr Green CC202 A...

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Sammy Moskowitz Dr. Green CC202 February 27, 2008 A Cinderella Story In her novel Pride and Prejudice , Jane Austen depicts a strong, sophisticated young lady that struggles against accepted structures of her society to try to find a man that she wants to marry. Throughout the novel Elizabeth Bennet is frustrated with her place in society and its emphasis on marriage. When she first meets Mr. Darcy, the man she eventually marries, she finds him unpleasant and rude. She doesn’t really consider him as husband material until he sends her a letter that reveals the reasoning behind his actions. Her opinion of Darcy changes dramatically from her first impression of him. In the end, Elizabeth marries for love, but also benefits from the comforts of marrying a rich man from good breeding. Today women still feel a pressure to get married, not for the benefit of social standing, but for love. Austen’s portrayal of Elizabeth as a woman searching for someone to love and share her life with can easily be applied in today’s society. Austen expresses her views on marriage through creating a timeless Cinderella story of a woman that struggles against the social norms to establish her own opinions about what will make her happy. Elizabeth’s family does not have the best social standing in her community. She is one of five sisters, and her father’s estate is to be left to a male heir when he dies. Therefore it is Mrs. Bennet’s main priority to marry her daughters off to well-standing gentlemen so that they are not left in the cold when Mr. Bennet dies. As long as they are
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married and have a good-sized fortune to their names, she does not necessarily care if her daughters want to marry the man that has proposed. This mindset is widely accepted in the society. Young ladies are brought up and educated for the sole purpose of one day marrying a wealthy man. When Mr. Collins proposes to the Bennet Family’s neighbor,
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pride&prej - Sammy Moskowitz Dr Green CC202 A...

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