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March 27, 2020 HUM2020 Carrissa Iulianelli Annotated Bibliography How art is portrayed within A Death in Venice. Source 1: Sizemore, J. T. An Analysis of Art Represented in Classical Mythology in Mann’s Death in Venice International Journal of Arts & Sciences.(2014). Retrieved from This source talks about the different sentences within the reading that shows the characteristics or deeper meanings within that you do not grasp when you first read it. He talks about the old man on the first boat when he was going to leave, and what these certain imagery can mean to the story. This piece of writing gives us evidences from Mann’s writings, which is what leads me to believe this will be a sufficient piece of evidence for my final paper. Source 2: White, R. Love, Beauty, and Death in Venice. Project Muse. Published by John Hopkins University Press. (n.d.). Retrieved from
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