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Shaub 1 Christie Shaub March 1, 2008 Professor Linden Sunstein Ch. 6 Sunstein Fieldworking Chapter 6 – Researching Language: The Cultural Translator 1. What 3 purposes does verbal language serve? Verbal language brings nonverbal thoughts to the surface of consciousness. Language becomes the topic of their research, illustrating how a culture shares knowledge through words. Language provides the researcher with means to communicate knowledge to others. 2. What is the difference between kinesics and proxemics ? Kinesics is the study of nonverbal body communication of an individual and how they express themselves through body position and motion. Proxemics is virtually the same study but instead it studies the nonverbal communication of individuals within a group setting. 3. Make an alphabetized glossary of insider terms at your fieldsite. Then group them into labeled categories. DAB – To write your “dab” is to write down your homework assignments in your
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