Webb Chapter 7 - Shaub 1 Christie Shaub February 24, 2008...

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Shaub 1 Christie Shaub February 24, 2008 Professor Linden Webb Chapter 7 1. Identify the major economic, political, and social forces affecting education in the twentieth century. The urbanization of the population and the popularity of the automobile made possible the building of larger schools and contributed to the consolidation of rural school districts. State control of education increased in a number of areas: certification for teachers, requirements for teacher education programs, curricular requirements for the schools, standards for school facilities and provisions for financial support. School population increased more rapidly than the overall population. Growth of student population was accompanied by an 80% growth in the number of teachers and other non-supervisory personnel. 2. Describe the progressive education movement in the US. Schools, especially those in the cities were made more sanitary, more open to air and sunlight and more conducive to creative activity. Pupil-teacher ratios were lowered. Health care and food services became responsibilities of the school. Improved operational efficiency of school districts and rid them of political corruption. The most appropriate curriculum was an activity based one that encouraged children to express themselves freely and creatively. Subject centered and child centered curriculum which came through experience rather than memorization were introduced by John Dewey. College and university enrollments also rose steadily during the pre-World War I years. 3. Compare the impact of the following events on education in America: a. The Great Depression- As many as 6 million young people were out of school and unemployed from 1933 to 1935. Schools were closed and many of the school years were shortened because of the great depression. Students were more often asked to bring their own supplies and in
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Webb Chapter 7 - Shaub 1 Christie Shaub February 24, 2008...

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