Sunstein 3 - Shaub 1 Christie Shaub February 6, 2008...

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Shaub 1 Christie Shaub February 6, 2008 Professor Linden Sunstein Ch. 3 What are the different kinds of “Texts” that inform Fieldwork? Artifacts Interviews Dialogue Visual information Notes Reflections Responding to Text 1. After reading Gloria Naylor’s “Mama Day” (119-125) Respond to the questions in Box 9 (125- 127) Who was Sapphira Wade? o Sapphira Wade was a woman who killed her husband in 1823. She lived in Willow Springs and her name has become a famous one in the town’s history. What was meant by 18&23? How do you know? o 18 & 23 to me is just whatever Mama Day is thinking about at the time. She uses metaphors to compare Sapphire and Cocoa. No one word fits in the sentences that she uses, so it doesn’t apply to one specific thing. 2. Consider the Documents for St Helena, South Carolina: How does fiction reflect historical fact? Fiction reflects historical fact because in the story of Sapphire Wade, the land of Willow Springs was given to most of the slaves because the white owners left them behind. 3. What was “The Grand Skedaddle?” The Grand Skedaddle was when the invasion of Union forced began. The majority of the white inhabitants abandoned their homes, leaving behind most of their slaves and literally half eaten meals on the table. Negotiating entry into your Fieldwork 3. What should Reema’s Boy learn about the Ethics of doing Fieldwork? Respond to Box 10 (128- 130) Reema should understand that he is an outsider in the community and he needs to try and fit in, instead of seeming like such an outsider. He also needs to understand that he does not necessarily understand the customs of the culture that he is entering. Positioning:
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Sunstein 3 - Shaub 1 Christie Shaub February 6, 2008...

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