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Education Philosophy - Shaub 1 Christie Shaub February 24,...

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Shaub 1 Christie Shaub February 24, 2008 Professor Linden Educational Philosophy – Rough Draft Progressiveextentialbehaviorconstructivism Education systems worldwide are constantly being changed and adapted to the society’s changing needs. The numerous philosophies about education, which are debated about constantly are causing the education system to change even more frequently, sometimes for the worse rather than for the better. Most people, regardless of their philosophy intend to alter the system to make it better suited for society as a whole. Today, the education system is far from perfect. Instead of inducing only one educational philosophy, educational leaders should work toward implementing standards and practices from many philosophies in order to best suit society. There are four educational philosophies which I feel could be joined together in order to create a successful and efficient educational system: progressivism, existentialism, behaviorism and constructivism. In agreement with the existentialists, I support the idea that the purpose of schooling is to help develop the person as a whole. The idea of developing the person as a “whole” includes the development of a positive self-concept, self knowledge and self responsibility. In addition to that, the progressivists believe that school should encourage cooperation with others as well as develop problem solving/decision making skills. I also support the progressivist idea that school should be centered on child-learning rather than on teaching. There are two theories which support my ideas about the nature of the learner: constructivism and progressivism. The constructivists believe that learners are creatures of will and purpose. The term constructivist in itself refers to the idea of the learner constructing their own knowledge. Within this construction, they must also create meaning to go along with this
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Shaub 2 learning. Learning is nothing without meaning. In the progressivist theory, it is understood that in order for students to learn, they must be inquisitive and active in learning. However, a learner cannot begin this process without proper classroom instruction from
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Education Philosophy - Shaub 1 Christie Shaub February 24,...

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