Assignment1[2] - _____ 8. is a component of the ribosome...

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Name ____________________ UVSC Student # ____________________ Class Hour ____________________ General Biology – Assignment I DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis description of process sequence of occurrence location of occurrence a. mRNA code is read to assemble a. first a. ribosome amino acids into protein b. DNA is copied to make mRNA b. second b. nucleus Match the following processes with the correct description, sequence, and location listed above. 1. Translation: description _____ sequence _____ location _____ 2. Transcription: description _____ sequence _____ location _____ Questions 3-9 refer to the following: a. DNA only b. RNA only c. both DNA and RNA d. neither DNA nor RNA _____ 3. is usually single-stranded _____ 4. is coiled in a double helix _____ 5. contains the nitrogenous base ‘U’ _____ 6. contains the nitrogenous base ‘C’ _____ 7. brings amino acids to the ribosome
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Unformatted text preview: _____ 8. is a component of the ribosome _____ 9. is directly involved in photosynthesis (dont forget the other side) 10. If the first 3 nucleotide bases (1 triplet) of a DNA molecule were ATC, list the 3 corresponding bases which will be transcribed to an mRNA codon, and the 3 bases of the tRNA anticodon which will bond with ths mRNA codon at the ribosome. mRNA codon _______ tRNA anticodon _______ 11. If DNA only directs the synthesis of protein, how can it be said that DNA controls all of the activities of the cell, including those which dont obviously involve proteins? 12. Alpha hemoglobin is a small protein composed of 141 amino acids. How many DNA nucleotides does it take to code for this protein? 13. Name the three types of RNA and list their functions....
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Assignment1[2] - _____ 8. is a component of the ribosome...

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