MLA Bibliography Exercise

MLA Bibliography Exercise - 6. Lubin. On Idle: The...

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Courtney Rathke April 6, 2008 Composition II Professor Mack MLA Bibliography Exercise 1. Simon, Kate. Bronx Primitive. New York: Harper, 1982. 2. Dyal, James A., William C. Corning, and Dale M. Willows, eds. Psychology: The Search for Alternatives. 3 rd ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1975. 3. Matthew, Arnold. Culture and Anarchy. Ed. J Dover Wilson. Cambridge, MA: Cambridge UP, 1996. 4. Faulkner, William. “Dry September.” Literature: The Human Experience. Ed. Richard Abcarian and Marvin Klotz. New York: St. Martin’s P, 1983. 549 557. 5. Festinger, Leon. “Cognitive Dissonance.” Scientific American 2 (1962): 93-102.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Lubin. On Idle: The Unemployed Shun Much Mundane Work at Least for a While. Kansas City Star 5 Dec. 1980:A3. 7. Posner, Michael I. Seeing the Mind. Science 29 Oct 1993: 673-674. 8. Taylor, Todd. Basic Cgos Style. American Technology 1 Sept. 1998: 223-234. JSTOR. Graduate Center Library, New York. 20 Mar. 2000 <>. 9. Baldwin, James. Sonnys Blues. Going to Meet the Man . New York: Vintage International, 1993. 101-143. I wanted to ask him what the hell he was doing in the school courtyard. (Baldwin 105)....
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MLA Bibliography Exercise - 6. Lubin. On Idle: The...

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