Exam 3 Review

Exam 3 Review - Injury claims – how frequent are they and...

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Exam 3 Review Sheet Exam 3 consists of 40 multiple choice questions which cover chapters 8, 9, and 11 from the text book and class lectures from February 18 th through March 3 rd . Get to class on time on exam day and, as always, remember to bring a pencil! Chapter 8 Competency What is the legal standard? Components of competence Raising the issue – who raises the issue and when? What other competencies exist besides competency to stand trial? Results of evaluations Insanity Various definitions (e.g., M’Naghten, Durham) Defendant characteristics Consequences of NGRI verdict GBMI What is conditional release? Chapter 9 Expert testimony Judge’s role in admitting evidence Concerns about this type of evidence Psychological damages Torts – what are they? Assessment – what are the different components of a forensic assessment? Workers Compensation Mental disability claims – distinguish between the different types
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Unformatted text preview: Injury claims – how frequent are they and why • Faking – how to detect it • Civil competence Abilities necessary for civil competence Assessing competence – research using MacCAT-T • Psychological autopsy What is it? Issues regarding reliability • Child custody Standards Types of custody Outcomes associated with types of custody • Civil commitment Types Dangerousness – different types of predictors and how they relate to dangerousness Chapter 11 • Venire What is it? Why is it important that venires be representative? Methods for drawing venire • Voir Dire What is it? Types of voir dire Challenges – cause vs. peremptory – reasons why each is used Batson decision Lawyers’ theories on juror selection Similarity-leniency hypothesis Black sheep effect Demographic characteristics – how related to verdict Personality characteristics Authoritarianism...
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  • REVIEW SHEET EXAM, venire Voir Dire, Civil competence Abilities, commitment Types Dangerousness, NGRI verdict GBMI

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Exam 3 Review - Injury claims – how frequent are they and...

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